Crayon Art

You know this guy?

Yeah, he’s pretty much a viral sensation, Yao Ming is. Why you may ask? Just look at that face! Every time I look at it I laugh, haha… haha.

There has been a project circulating the internet: Crayon Art! The concept is to melt crayons  over a canvas. It is so pretty; I just can’t stand it. So of course I had to try it. And since I love this picture of Yao Ming, I decided that somehow, this beautiful man and art must be combined.

You will need:

Poster board or canvas(size of your choice)

Crayons (for the size of my poster board I bought a 120 pack)

Picture to be transferred

Masking tape

Exacto Knife

Hot glue gun

So start out by taping a big rectangle area on a box. I realized soon that it’s hard to pull off tape from a box, because the box peels off with it. You know those Mac Laptop boxes? Those are perfect because they are smooth and non-stick. You could also use the shiny side of a poster board probably because it’s non-stick. Don’t use the poster board you’re going to mount your art on.

Once you tape the picture on the masking tape layout, use the exact knife to cut out all black areas of your picture. Yeah, this is time consuming.

Getting the tape off and into the right places on the poster board is a little tough. It takes a while, definitely a process.

Hot glue Crayons up top, finish laying out your taped image. How did mine turn out? Eh, not perfect, but I was satisfied.

Lay out some protection because we’re going to start melting crayons. I ended up using two trash bags.

Use a hair dryer and melt the crayons as much as you wish. Give the hair dryer breaks sometimes, I wouldn’t let it overheat.

So I stopped at this point. Now all that needs to be done is taking off the tape.

It’s done! Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to crayon meltage, but I think this looks pretty good.

Doesn’t he look happy?
Yeah, maybe just a little demented.
Just don’t stand too close.

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