Portland is where the Magic Happens

My day off and not a moment to spare! Quick, kids, grab your booties, we’re heading to Portland!

Bethany (the lovely wife of my brother Seth) wanted to take me to IKEA. She was raving about it being the best place on Earth for all decor purposes. Of course, I probably was just like “Ah, yeah cool. A store. It must be cool”.

It’s pretty cool.

My first thought was that this was the biggest store I had ever seen… but I guess I don’t get out much. The place is packed full of a lot of decorated model rooms, kitchenware, living room gear, and finally FABRIC!

Now, I admit that when I first walked into the store, I wondered if they had fabric. And their selection is lovely! It just makes me want to make curtains.

Here is my VooDoo doll from VooDoo Doughnuts. I have never had a doughnut so willing to be eaten.