If not now, when?

Falling in Love seems as often in my life as uneventful.

You Know he likes You when he:

     1. Looks to talk with you

     2. Brushes your arm

     3. Sits near

And you definitely know you like Him when you:

     1. Mime his attention

     2. Trust his touch

     3. Welcome his presence

It gets disappointing;

things never work out.

Questions plague my mind… Is it possible to love someone so deeply once, and feel it again for someone new? Or even worse, is there a person that is capable of loving me just as much as I was loved before? I do realize now that I was not loved the way I ought to have been loved. His love was selfish and easily offended. He was cruel and bitter. My life is better now that I’m alone. I’m safe inside the wall I built where the only love I seek is that of my family, friends and from above… I don’t run away from the possibility of new love, but I still am worried. He never loved all of me, the love I formerly held so dear.. He loved what was acceptable, but criticized the rest. Can I be my whole self and be loved no matter what?

I think someday I will.



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