Woes of a “Not just a Fitting Room Attendant”

There are many occupations that most of us recognize as grueling, surviving solely on perspiring customer service. These jobs are from the common waiter/waitress, where the humble server is expected to fulfill every whim and need of yours, graciously, to basically any employee anywhere that pauses outside the restroom and sighs in defeat before holding their breath and sucking it up.

I am a Sales Associate in a clothing store: Plato’s Closet.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Piece of cake job”.

Not really. Let me explain why.

“I’m gonna try these on.”

This is the line I hate more than anything.

I am not the only fitting room attendant who has the key to the rooms, so I am busy doing various tasks around the store. So when I’m running around the store and am stopped rudely by someone with an armful of 16+ items (she’ll only buy 2),  telling me the above mentioned, I am inwardly peeved. Don’t get me wrong! I am more than willing to help someone who asks nicely.

Another thing: To protect against theft, most clothing stores kindly put a limit on how many items are tried on at one time. While any extras are hung outside, it is time-consuming to count and hang the extras.. So…

Often, attendants will keep track of your items on a white board.

Don’t erase the number..

Just don’t touch it..


 This is just so annoying. Really? I am not your mother. Can you at least pull them right side out?

Usually there’s a rack on which rejected clothing goes. Only when there is no such rack in sight should you hang your clothes outside the door. It helps us out in the long-run, because then we aren’t wasting time playing hide-and-go-seek with your clothes.

Didn’t like those jeans? We don’t mind helping! Men especially seem to like to put away their rejected clothing themselves. I appreciate the gesture, but the reason we prefer to handle them first is because we like to hang them as nice as possible and transfer them back to the sales floor quickly.


Can you spot what’s wrong in these 3 pictures?

I don’t know, perhaps someone must have pulled the try on, put away technique (with the tank tops?). Someone else thought it’d be a good idea to take a shirt off the hanger and lay it on top the rack. Hmm.. The sunglasses seem to be all over the floor … POR QUE?! NO INTIENDO CÓMO…

Fitting rooms are easily attained by asking an employee..

But often, it seems that the fashion of calling us over with the unceasing

sound of doorbells is the newer way to go.

I might be old-fashioned,

but I think that I speak for everyone when I say:

Never push the button.

We will hate you.

 Despite it’s many-many more ups and  downs, working is an overall happy experience for me. The only sure thing that makes me mad, but mostly sad, is when people steal. Please show some personal integrity and be honest. If it isn’t yours, don’t take it. It’s as simple as that.

The fact is, any job can be frustrating, rewarding even! From working a job where you are given little to no respect, you gain something. That is respect for all those you mistreated in the past, even absent-mindedly. It’s the understanding that we can all do something a little more to help each other out, lend a kind hand, think outside ourselves. It’s decency and polite, and as quiet as picking up a hanger.


Easy Curtains

I bought this fabric before I left Hancock Fabrics last September because it is just the cutest weave I have ever seen (I bought what was left on the bolt).

Anyway, I made a tutorial on Youtube. Here’s the link:


And they turned out so beautiful!