T minus 9 days

Usually I try to find a picture in effort to color in my thoughts as I try to elaborate them to the non-responsive internet. Today I just decided to take a picture of my college-striken face because hey, I’m too lazy to google a sunset.

Dear void,

It’s me again. Rachel, that is. I’ve been having an interesting time in college this last semester. But from frustrating apartment situations to dating, I’m still pretty optimistic.

When it comes to dating, here’s the thing: I’m flabbergasted.

Ok, ok okok.. here’s the thing… I’m like a man when it comes to dating.

1. I am honest

2. I will tell you how I feel (exactly)

3. I will not string someone along (never)

Lately I’ve been having the horrible misfortune of meeting guys that have been playing games with me. Yes, dear holy internet, I have been dating girl-like men who play freaking mind games. And uhhhhh yeah. It pisses me off. So I’m a little tired of dating right now.

I guess the real question here, Void, is when will I meet somebody worthwhile? I’m 19 years old and already am tired of the dating game. I really am. Ugh.

Next week is the end of the semester, however.

Rachel is excited. Estoy emocionada! WOOOOOOO

Ok, back to homework.

No. No more pictures, Rachel.