I think I’m in Love

I found someone amazing. And when I say “amazing”, I mean “the most beautiful thing that has ever graced me with his presence”. He is the most loving person that I have ever met. This is a man who puts a smile on my face when I’m not even thinking about him.. I sing in the shower more. It doesn’t matter how bad my day is going; I’m glowing in love! I think I’m in love..

How can someone this perfect be existent? I wonder how I deserve a man so exceptional. I really do. I want to say that I am in no-wise deserving of such a person. I want to say that he could have anyone he wanted (it’s probably true), but I know better. I know that I deserve a good man like him. I know that because I’ve been working on myself to become the kind of person I would marry. I think God wants me to have someone this good. In a way, I feel like He is telling me that I’ve done well with myself.

I really do think I love him 🙂

He’s the one for me.


He set this surprise up for me a few days ago ❤

What a sweetie!


Going, going.. gone

It’s like the separation of church and state.

The decision between honey and jam,

apples or oranges,

life or death.

How do I live,

with or without you?

I see you slipping away;

through a cracked window pane,

you’re a fuzzy silhouette.

That dusty memory

all scratchy from use

on a shelf in the back,

not any more wanted,

nor anymore use.

My eyes are clear.

I know

how it feels to be me,

and I like it.

I’m me now completely

with no one moving my limbs,

with marionette strings.

My walls crash down

like ocean waves

on the rocks by the seaside,

the wayside,

I see light

on a beautiful face.

One year and eight months. It was

many hours



that I spent on thoughts of you.

I’m scarred

“Get out of my head

please just go away..

There is someone new,” I said.

I found an angel who I can relay:

He’s tall and lean, with a hair full of red,

more sweet, and accepting, than you.


In every way he is opposite too,

But no matter how hard I try

I’m reminded of how I loved you true,

and at that thought I cry.


Why won’t you go?

I want you gone; please leave me alone.

You’re tossing me to and fro.


“I want to hold new love,”(I say),

But each step closer I’m marred.

There’s no solution that I can think of..

The old love left a scar.