I can’t think fast

Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up
My eyes are blurring over words.
They cannot read
or see them.
Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up
My head hurts badly from all this thinking.
I can’t stop thinking.
Make it stop.
stop, Stop, STOP RIGHT NOW!
I’m sick and tired of thinking through it.
To strain my brain to see the reason
of every action in the past
with regret I stutter, “I can’t think fast.”


Garments Golden

By: Rachel Wrathall


This life is made of threads of time,

with sticks and stones they intertwine.

It pulls you up and down, you see,

It pokes and prods, “Please set me free,”


The thread is coarse and rough, “and please,”

you say to the Tailor who sees,

“oh stop, desist, no more I say!”

We can’t see, but if we obey:


He’s making us garments golden,

soft comforting words embolden.

Whispering words sure come gently

“Trust in me” he says intently.


Faith in his plan will heal our hearts.

In the form of hope, fear departs.

Don’t be tempted to look behind,

What’s ahead is beyond a find.


The Tailor asks a lot, that’s true,

to weave and poke and prod us through

But if we have strength to molden

he’s making us garments golden