Be Gone


just let me shrink…

Nay, let me instead



Think only of him,

my sweet cherubim.

My chances are slim,

but swim.


Swim fast,

Never wane.

Make love last,

Never fain.


Silly head, be still.

Nay, it’s Satan-be gone!

Spare me painful trills

of past empty bygones.


Desist your painful snarls

Reminding me of the year in time

Where I cast my pearls

Before swine.


You bicker me, foul demon.

You block my mouth with sand.

You ridicule me to think on



Think false thoughts on and on.


-Rachel Wrathall


I think I’m in Love

I found someone amazing. And when I say “amazing”, I mean “the most beautiful thing that has ever graced me with his presence”. He is the most loving person that I have ever met. This is a man who puts a smile on my face when I’m not even thinking about him.. I sing in the shower more. It doesn’t matter how bad my day is going; I’m glowing in love! I think I’m in love..

How can someone this perfect be existent? I wonder how I deserve a man so exceptional. I really do. I want to say that I am in no-wise deserving of such a person. I want to say that he could have anyone he wanted (it’s probably true), but I know better. I know that I deserve a good man like him. I know that because I’ve been working on myself to become the kind of person I would marry. I think God wants me to have someone this good. In a way, I feel like He is telling me that I’ve done well with myself.

I really do think I love him 🙂

He’s the one for me.


He set this surprise up for me a few days ago ❤

What a sweetie!

Does Aging mean You’re Growing?

Today I am 20.

Well, yesterday if you want to be all technical, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am older now. It’s a little silly to think that just because our birthday falls on one day, our life skips forward an entire year. In reality, every day we age. Every day we grow and (hopefully) mature, and learn. This makes everyday a holiday though, right?

This makes me wonder… does age matter? Or is the real important reality how we spend our time? Maybe the thing we should really classify ourselves as, is how much we grow during our lifetime.

Today is the opportunity. So –

..because today is the first day of the rest of your life