Patience, Faith, and a Knee

Today, today;

Oh today is the day

when I let things be gay

and to others I’ll say:


“Stand up, stand up;

Don’t be afraid to stand up.

Let me pour on your breakfast some syrup.

Put your foot back in the stirrup.”


“No,” you say, “no

I must know

If everĀ in my barren utero,

I will have an embryo?”


“Patience, shh, patience.

Grip tightly to patience.




Faith is the key,

with faith listen to me.

It’s hard to see

how much you mean to He.


For one year,

Oh, that year,

I shed many-a-tear.

No baby, I did fear.


I trusted in He

and I can say with glee:

“Blessings come to thee

With patience, faith, and a knee.”